what will you beckon ?

drenched sun

or the parched rain

lost will

or the gain in vain

departed flesh

or immortalised flame

will to create

or the urge to be sane

what will you beckon

beckon to come again ?

come again - Lanefortyfive
Time is often not given its due recognition as a dimension. But of the three dimensions we are well versed with, time is the most human like. The vagaries of its personality are starkly resemblant.
And this year in particular lays bare this observation.
A lot has been lost. A lot has been found. I personally faced emotions never faced before. The days at times lingered laboriously on with no end, and the nights were cruelly short and brought the day in sight again all to soon. Solitude as once considered bliss by me, had a new fragrance to it. I found it hard to mingle with words like I once used to, and ideas stood at the far end of a deserted street, like a friend turned foe, not ready to budge and come closer.
I had to try and beckon; beckon feelings, creativity, connections, and belief. Beckon them to come again.
The leaning concrete structure on the beach is central to the story of this collection. It submerges under the sea for most part of the day but comes out again in view for a handful of hours early in the morning.
Beckoning does work.
come again - Lanefortyfive

what will you beckon

beckon to come again