£250 This garment plants 4 trees
  • Collared big-fit jacket with buttoned front and 4 front pockets with revited corners.
  • - - Design Inspiration - -
  • Portering was hard work, and porters needed a considerable amount of carbohydrate as fuel – much of which they got from drinking. One estimate is that 18th century porters were getting 2,000 calories a day from beer. Pubs were used as fuelling stops: it was “universal” in the 18th century, according to a writer in 1841, for public houses in London to have a bench outside for porters to sit at and a board (that is, table) alongside it “for depositing their loads” while they stopped for “deep draughts of stout … such as are idealised in Hogarth’s Beer Street.” – Martyn Cornell

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