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The KS 1690 shirt and Pantaloni 1690 trousers in Liberty store’s Prospect Road print in silk crepe de Chine have been created as part of the collaboration with Sophie Wilson, an England based artist, the everything behind 1690 works. From ceramics to cloth, paper, soap, lighting, and boucherouites, Sophie’s fluidity is as awe-inspiring as her waltz with words. I am usually not at a loss of words myself, but when it comes to say more about Sophie Wilson, I’d rather copy + paste here what she has mentioned in her ‘About’ section herself:


“When my fifth child started school, I opened a shop in part of my house and began 1690, a sort of Diagon Alley-style place where I imagined Molly Weasley would go for her essentials. I made candles and balms and jams, but what really took off were my ceramics, which I started making in earnest in about 2019. I closed the shop and installed a kiln in my laundry room: 1. so I could carry on working once the children had gone to bed and 2. so I could dry the washing quickly. Things sort of developed. I now sell a selection of articles here online which my lovely Instagram followers have expressed an interest in and my ceramics are sold in a number of really wonderful shops and galleries around the world. I was asked recently what my dream creative project would be and I answered, ‘Fixing my roof’. Frankly, home – what and who we choose to surround ourselves with is, I believe, the most creative endeavour. So make it lovely if you can. And tender.”