h a n d m a d e    c l o t h e s    a n d    t a l e s

s u s t a i n a b l e,    e t h i c a l,    e q u a l i s t

Lanefortyfive hut in a river surreal

In the mental landscape, an image appears first

hues and tones follow

music is heard

a tale begins to form

characters come walking in

the stage is all set

shapes start to take shapes

and you discover these shapes, connect with them

and want it in a fabric of your choice

designs traced onto the fabric

then cut for your silhouette, sewn for your silhouette

natural, organic fabrics

kind to you, kind to everyone

and as these clothes make their way to you

trees are planted

to give back what we took

while we made these clothes for you

kind to you, kind to everyone

handmade and equalist garments in designs inspired by stories, poetry, landscape, and sounds          ||          we believe clothes are our second skin, they bring out our most introvert thoughts in the most extrovert way          ||          made to order, thereby supporting sustainability and a slow, organic making process          ||          only natural fibres and materials used, treated kindly using natural products          ||          atleast 2 and as many as 6 trees planted for everything we make for you