About us

The brand

Handmade clothes and tales made the equalist, ethical, and sustainable way.

Our philosophy is simple. ‘We are what we wear’. Clothes are our second skin, and we give them that warranted importance.

Our designs are inspired  by a mix of  landscapes.       These landscapes in turn are drawn from our nature, the music we like, the artists and their works that we love, the stories that we conjure up in our head, the socio-political times we live in, and dreams.

A strong relationship between the garment and the wearer is an endangered concept in this time and age of mass production and fickle nature of fashion and trends.       The fact that we feel quite strongly about this relationship is one of the reasons why we do what we do.

The designer / founder

Tanmay Saxena is a London based designer and filmmaker.

Born and raised in India, he moved to the UK in 2007 to work as a business analyst for a consultancy firm. But the search for a desperately needed creative outlet was perpetual. A chance occurance of watching an online tutorial for tailoring and pattern cutting in 2015 ended that search for Tanmay and started a whole new journey.

In 2016, Lanefortyfive was launched, and a new life began.

We lay strong emphasis on our brand being equalist.

It’s our way of extending the ‘unisex’ school of thought to further echelons. At the same time, we understand and recognize the anatomical differences within genders or from person to person, and acknowledge that through our ‘made to order’ way.

We only make to order.

In other words, we do not make what is not needed.

By doing so, we save energy, save resources (human, material, creative and emotional), prevent wastage, and strive to become ever so sustainable.

“Clothing ends up being the most extrovert medium to bring to the fore our most introvert traits”



Sole designer for the brand, he also looks after the art direction, the creative voice, and philosophical stand point of the brand single-handedly. This helps the brand being held together by a common and unified thread.


We plant trees for every garment we make

For every £100 a customer spends with us, we plant 2 trees. It is our way to give back to nature more than what we take consciously to make clothes and breathe life to our designs onto fabrics. We are proud to be a reforestation partner to onetreeplanted.org

We use only natural based fabrics and fixtures, and recycled/recyclable packaging material.