We plant trees.

With every garment we make, we plant trees.

Our ever-ongoing tree plantation initiative is a way to give back to the environment a little more than what we may consciously take while we make clothes for you.
There is no denying that making anything tangible involves the consumption of natural resources like energy, water, fuel.
But we aim to try and restock the natural resources we use via planting trees.

For every £100 you spend with us, we plant 2 trees, one from your side and one from ours, via our reforestation partner onetreeplanted.org

‘She keeps giving’ – Reforestation project

‘She keeps giving’ was our 2019 initiative to plant trees every month in partnership with Onetreeplanted and Mossyearth. Every month we requested our followers to donate generously.

To thank them, every month we gave away 3 clothing vouchers worth upto £300 to 3 lucky donors.


The idea behind the initiative was to accentuate the fact that planting a tree is the easiest and the cheapest way to fix the carbon emission problem that can go a long way in addressing the climate change issue that our planet is facing. And the time to do it is NOW.


Each one of us consumes about 450 trees in a lifetime, but how many do we plant back ?