f o u n d   a n d   f o u n d

On the face of it,  found and found is our new collection of some quilted clothes in a fabric made out of bamboos. But on a more subdermal and personal level, it epitomises the sometimes physical and sometimes metaphorical finds that surprise us all. We found unimaginable beauty in these clothes ourselves, in the beautiful, surreal locations where we shot them, we found harmony between the Cottonwoods and the bird songs, our creativity and further inspiration – all between 3 sunrises and sunsets. But also found things that did not belong there. Like how when we went about scouting for locations to shoot, we came across beautiful fields and river basins littered with plastic sheets, polybags, shampoo sachets,
to name a few things.

So before the shoot, for 2 days we cleared these places of all the unwanted things found, even used some of these finds as backdrops and props, and ultimately took them to recycling facilities in the nearest town.

found and found is more than what we set out for, it is more than what we found

f o u n d    a n d    f o u n d