About LaneFortyfive

Lanefortyfive is a London based brand formed on the tenets of sustainability, equalism, and slow life.

Founded in 2016 by Tanmay Saxena, the brand emphasizes the beautiful but often easily forgotten relationship between clothes and the wearer. After completing his MBA, Tanmay worked as a Business Analyst in the city of London for over a decade.
Search for a meaningful creative outlet led Tanmay, a self taught designer, photographer, and film maker to create LaneFortyfive.

Sustainability, equalism, and slow making are the three tenets  LaneFortyfive lives by.
Our day to day processes are sustainable and repeatable in the most eco-conscious manner. Be it using plastic-free or recycled and recyclable plastic only, or planting two trees for every £100 a customer spends, we try to give back to nature what may be consciously taken while making.

All the designs are gender-neutral. Does not mean we make one-shape/size fits all clothes. We make only to order to keep things sustainable and eco-friendly, but that also means we welcome your specific body measurements and make clothes accordingly.