you take a full circle

the periphery of skin and bones takes a full circle

your premonition about life takes a full circle


DiT03 dungarees





met a close friend in stockholm this summer
she was 8 months pregnant
discussed the wonderful, often hilarious travails of her current situation
not the least, the inability to wear just about anything, as the case used to be




that seemingly small but an important part of the personality takes a back-seat at a time when emotions run amok inside
when you need your personality to hold the mast for you more than ever




so I stumbled upon the idea



how did i not notice earlier
i took joy from having made something that puts equality,
not just the concept of unisex, at the forefront

but somehow overlooked making this beautiful and the most natural phase of a woman’s life a part of what i do

and we are with you on this circle

order from us for when you are pregnant,
and we alter the garments afterwards to your normal size at no extra cost
this to us is being a unisex clothing label in the true and honest form

write to us at to order